Crane and Machine Maintenance in Vancouver Island

Keep the jobsite safe at all times is the main priority of Ayers Repairs Ltd. We perform up to date computer controlled monitoring and reminders for yearly inspections for worksites in Nanaimo and throughout Vancouver Island.

Operational Inspections

This inspection includes testing of all functions of the crane including movement, safety devices, and alarms. The crane is functioned through the complete operating envelope inclusive of winch functions (if so equipped). All safety devices are inspected for proper working condition, including but not limited to; anti two block devices, overload protection and warning systems. We further check the alarms of the unit such as outrigger stow warning lights, boom stow, and height sensors. We also take this opportunity to review all the function placards to ensure they are present and legible. A qualified individual i.e. a Crane Safe certified crane operator completes this inspection.

Structural Inspections

Structural inspection involves the inspection for fatigue of the weldments as well as an overall inspection of all critical/load-bearing members of the crane. We typically use magnetic particle and visual methods to inspect the equipment. A qualified individual completes the inspection with both CGSB certifications for non-destructive examination and CSA certification for visual welding inspection.

Mechanical Inspections

The mechanical testing includes the review of the equipment not designated in either the Operation of Structural Inspections. This focuses on the overall maintenance of the equipment. These items may include but are not limited to; hydraulic leaks, hose condition, and torqueing of fasteners and mounting hardware. A qualified individual i.e. a trained mechanic completes this inspection.

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Our Inspection Partners

We work with MxV to provide thorough and detailed inspections.

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